strange disk and sleep problem

Since upgrading my computer has been doing strange things. The upgrade hardware is…

i7 950
ASUS P6x58-e
several SATA drives
Win7 64

The OS power config is set to NEVER sleep or hibernate. The computer will still go to sleep. Likewise, the hard drives are set to NEVER turn off, but I get delays sometimes and hear the drives spin-up like recovering from a nap. I’ve looked at the BIOS and didn’t see anything related to sleep.

Any ideas?

did you set power in the normal area or did you do advanced?

control panel> high performance should be checked. change plan settings>advanced> hard disk> type “never”

Yep… went through the advanced dialog. That’s why it seems so weird to me.

Any thoughts on ACPI settings or BIOS issues that could cause this?

I have noticed the same issue on my set up. I have a gigabyte ud-4 ex58 mb and 4 seagate sata drives. (Win7 Pro)
I wondered power down effect on the hard drives can be caused by a PSU being near its supply limit?

Any other clues?


Just revisited the control panel powersave settings Scott referenced above and found that the hard disk power down setting was on timed at 10 minutes. Switched it to never. This should now solve the issue. Could have sworn that I did this when going through the settings before. Wonder if they can be reset by software updates?


multiple things can change those setting including updates…
and can change both the norm and advanced settings…

ACPI should always be on.

Cubase also has a “power scheme” check-box in the Device Panel. Anyone know the exact settings this imparts?

Here (Win7) The Steinberg Audio Power Scheme does contain settings for sleep, display, harddrives etc. These settings are reset to default upon every start of Cubase but can be modified per session.

I guess you could copy the scheme and do the relevant changes, hopefully the good “hidden” changes will transfer to the new one. I havn’t been bothered enough to do it yet.