Strange error message


I have a minor problem with both Cubase 5 and Cubase 6 (trial). Whenever I shut down one of the programs I get an error message “Cubase 5 (or 6) has stopped working”. Since I deliberately shut it down theres no actual problem, only the fact that it annoys me, to know that something is wrong somewhere.
I run them on a Frost, Vista Home Basic SP1, 32 bit, Intel Core Duo CPU 2,53GHz, 4GB RAM., which isn’t connected to the Internet.

I run the same programs on a another machine with no problems at all (this machine is my “allrounder”, a Compaq Presario running Windows 7, 64 bit, AMD processor 2,3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, allways connected to the Internet and full of garbage and random stuff.

Any ideas? Should I hook up my Frost with the Internet and update perhaps?


I just finished updating Vista (took some hours!) but now everything is up to date. And the error messages still pop up. Perhaps a reinstall of Cubase?

This is a known issue with C6 but I’ve not heard anyone have the problem with C5.

It’s been doing it for quite sometime now in Cubase 5. I can’t recall if it started just after I updated to 5.5.2 or later than that. Well, nevermind. As long as is doesn’t do anything else wrong. :confused: