Strange Export problem

we just mixed down a track about 4minutes 30 seconds to an mp3 file.

On playback the track is 12minutes and 43 seconds long with 7 minutes and 45 seconds of silence at the beginning! :astonished: :cry:

No kidding! Everything looks fine in the project. The track itself is 7 drum tracks on GA1, Two Halion SE tracks, and a Padshop preset with two audio tracks.

Has anyone encountered this before or would anyone konw how and why this is occuring?

Could it be anything to do with the asteroid that flew close to earth yeaterday, for example? :question:

I take it by the silence it must have been the asteroid. Does the Northern hemisphere still exist?

Well, I tested to export and everything went like it should. Only thing coming to my mind, is to advice you to check your locators, but this probably has been the first thing you did.

Thank you for your reply. Locators set correctly.Just tested the export again and works fine si maybe it was the asteroid after all ?¿¿¿ s