Strange freezes when adding buses

Hello, Did anyone have this persistent freezes when adding or removing Buses
in Studio > Audio Connections ? Ive updated to latest version 12.0.52 and I still got same
issues with adding Bus, removing Bus, Changing channels in external FX…
It always freezes and I have to crash the Cubase app manually in task manager many times and start project again until it works, cause it doesnt respond at all most of the times, its really got frustrating especially in heavier projects,
btw im using Focusrite 18i20 Gen 1 interface on windows 10 (all latest drivers)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What Audio Device do you use? Could you try to install the latest driver (install it as administrator), please? Could you try to reinstall Cubase as administrator, please?

Thanks, btw im using Focusrite 18i20 Gen 1 audio interface, yes, Ive updated all audio drivers as admin, and reinstalled latest version 12.0.52 as admin, still same issues

On Windows 10 and 11 all software is installed as “Administrator”, otherwise the installers get no access to the system directories.