Strange Fuzzy Sound While Recording and Playback

I own a Steinberg UR12 and i use it to record my Bass Guitar. Everything is fine when i’m recording or playing what i recorded or playing any audio in general, but after some time, when audio plays or when i play bass, a fuzzy sound starts to slowly come out. It starts off with a bit of a strange fuzz, but then it gets worse and worse. What i do to get rid of it is to go to the desktop or anything that is not Cubase, and then i go back to Cubase. That will get rid of that fuzzy sound, but only temporarily. After some time it comes back again.

This is what the fuzzy sound kinda sounds like.
NOTE: I recorded this with my phone and the quality sounds kinda strange, and i had added tons of distortion to the bass.

It appears that this fuzzy sound shows up the most when i add lots of Plugins, but even without tons of plugins or distortion, it will appear.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Thanks for reading

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size of your Audio Device.

Thanks! I will try increasing it. It currently is 512. I’ll increase it to 2048 which is the maximum size and i will see if that helps. Again thank you for your reply

Perhaps in Device manager turn off all audio devices except the one you are using.

Increasing Buffer Size is not very helpful. It doesn’t reduce this noise, and if i put it too high, i will have latency problems :confused:

Could you try different ASIO Guard setup?

I have it activated in Normal. Should i set it higher or lower to get rid of the fuzz? I will adjust it later when the strange sound kicks in and i’ll see if it works, thanks again!

I don’t know, because I don’t know what is the reason. You can try both our even disable ASIO Guard. Could you even try other driver?

Another driver? You mean the stuff like ASIO4ALL or the Audio Interface? I’m quite a starter in cubase so i’m not very experienced yet

I would start with the driver you already have. So the Generic Low Latency Driver.

i dont think that will work, because i plug my instrument on my audio interface

So the Fuzzy sound is recorded in the signal? Isn’t it on the playback side? are you sure about this?

It can be heard both when recording and even in playback. It is also not the bass only, even a VST instrument has got this issue :confused:

Then it’s really weird and I would say, it’s more on the playback side.

The file you shared, sounds like recorded by any recorded, while playback. What happens, if you Export Audio Mixdown from Cubase? Is the Fuzzy sound there?

In the Audio Mixdown the Fuzzy sound is NOT there actually, in fact as i said in the topic, if i go to the desktop and then back to cubase, the sound is gone

It’s a driver issue.

Do you know what it is specifically? The sound that i am talking about is NOT a GROUND LOOP, by the way. I had that sound before until i installed the drivers properly

I cannot tell exactly what it is, but i think one of 2 issues it could be

-A driver issue
-A hardware issue with your Audio Interface, likely the output section as you also get this on vsti playback only. (EDIT: probably not as the problem goes away when you exit to desktop, which then seems more like a driver issue then)

Try disconnect your audio interface and playback some vsti using onboard audio to see if the problem goes away.

Thanks, i will try later!

Just listened again, couldn’t that stuttering noise sound a little like some kind of jitter/sample rate sync issue?