Strange groove agent 4 problem


Ive recently started to use groove agent 4. I have a project in 4/4 with some measures in 6/4 time signature and ive created a signature track to make it work with the metronome/tempo track etc. On this project im using samples from the acoustic agent studio kit. Whenever i trigger a sample from my midikeyboard after the the 6/4 measure the sample always trigger on beat 2 of the sample. So the first two beats of the sample is mssing. Everything else is ok and ive made sure to type in 4/4 after the 6/4 measures. This obviously has something to do with the time signature change because if i trigger samples before the first time signature change in my project, everything works just fine on the beat. Is this a bug or is it just something ive missed? As written above, i started to use groove agent only two days ago so im a newbie. I hope ive made my self clear and that you understand my issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.