Strange input problem with drums

Hi there!

I’ve got a strange problem with adding drums via MIDI. Every time I enter a kick drum (low C) it automatically adds a crash cymbal. When I enter a hihat foot it displays two of them, also when I enter a crash cymbal. Also HH open is double and rids adds a crash.

What is going on here??
I’m not an expert in Dorico (yet) so any help is appreciated!

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Playing a single note on your MIDI keyboard inputs notes onto two separate drums? That’s quite unexpected. Can you start a new project, add a drum set, input a couple of notes, then save that project, zip it up and attach it here, and also attach the zip file produced by doing Help > Create Diagnostic Reports? I’m hopeful that by looking at the logs produced in the diag report and the project itself I might be able to see what’s going on.

Hi Daniel,

Tnx for helping. Here’s the file. I believe I also created the diagnostics report. I’t automatically sent to you right? I don’t get a message or something…
Test (515 KB)

IIRC the diagnostic report shows up as a zip file on your desktop.
You would need to send it in.

Here it is!
Dorico (633 KB)

Without knowing your setup there may be a MIDI input issue causing the problem you are experiencing which can happen if you (the computer I mean) has access to multiple MIDI inputs. This can happen for example if you have a USB keyboard which is also connected via MIDI cables. When a note is pressed the MIDI information is transmitted down both cables which may (or may not) have a bearing on your problem.

I would lean toward it being an input issue as you are the first person, I have heard of that is experiencing this problem.

PS. Do you have any special keyboard settings that may affect what is being transmitted - splitpoints, transpositions etc?

Also - does it mess up ‘normal’ instruments? Trumpets, Piano etc?

I would suggest testing your system by using just the bare minimum.

Good luck!

This is not the problem here. I’m connected though USB only and have no special settings. Really plug and play.
It only happens with the drums part and doesn’t affect playback. So if I press the low C for kick, I only hear the kick but it notates the kick and crash.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m sorry but I’m out of ideas now but I’m sure the team will be able to figure it out.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


I wonder whether it could be linked to the NotePerformer percussion map? Can you try creating a new project and choosing the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template in Play > Playback Template, then try recreating your ‘Test Drums.dorico’ project again. Do you get the same problem now?

Daniel you nailed it. That was the problem. Maybe it had something to do with their update 2 weeks ago or something. They remapped the drums to MIDI standard. I’ll figure it out. Thanks for your effort!

I’ll have to look into this further. It might be that there are two instruments being found for the same MIDI note in the NotePerformer drum map. I’ll take a look at this later on when I get a chance.

That would be great, because at Wallander they don’t know what to do about it…

I’ve spent the evening tonight looking into this and I believe we’ll be able to fix this problem for our next update.

Thanks Daniel!