Strange issue when opening and activating two projects for cut and paste

I’m working on an iMac with plenty of ram. However, in working with Cubase Elements10.5, I’ve noticed a strange issue that regularly occurs when I open and activate two projects to run at the same time, and I’m wondering if others are also experiencing the same issue, which I will try to explain.

  1. I am currently editing a v/o track on one project. I’ll call this project “A.”
  2. I need a part of the v/o on a different project. I’ll call this project “B.”
  3. I open and activate project “B” and copy the v/o that I need from that project.
  4. With the copied v/o in the iMac clipboard, I then paste it into the desired track on project “A.”
  5. Then, I close (or perhaps sometimes just minimise) project “B.”
  6. My copy and paste goes into the track just fine, with no issues.
  7. Then, as I want to continue the audio edit in project “A,” without fail, the playhead transport freezes no matter what I do to start and stop the playhead and get it to respond to my commands.
  8. However, the playhead transport from project “B” continues to work fine and does not freeze or give me any issues.
  9. This forces me to then close down both activated projects “A” and “B” and relaunch only the desired project, in this case - “A” - see 1) above.

ONLY AFTER closing down Cubase Elements 10.5 and relaunching the entire app, THEN all the playhead functions go back to responding to my keyboard commands as normal. So, it appears to me that something in the software is causing the playhead functions to freeze as I am doing a copy/paste between two different projects. Closing down both projects and reopening only the one that I want to go back to is the only solution to this issue, at least that I know of right now.

Can you engineering folks at Steinberg perhaps try to duplicate this issue on your system and see if you have the same problem that I’m having? Maybe I’m doing something really weird and simply, Cubase doesn’t like it. I don’t know. I would appreciate you folks looking into this. I often will need to copy and paste elements of certain tracks from one project to another and each time, the same issue keeps coming up. It’s not a major problem except to say that it just regularly interrupts my workflow. IS there perhaps a workaround?

Thx so much.

Don’t know if this will effect your problem. But in step 3 you don’t need to activate B to be able to copy stuff from it.

Okay, you are correct that I don’t need to activate anything more in order to copy part of the track audio. HOWEVER, the issue is still that IF I allow for two projects to be open at the same time, only one of them will function. The other one will freeze and further, it will not even show the mix console channel faders; that window just comes up empty. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

Does Cubase Elements 10.5 allow for two or more projects to be open or activated simultaneously on my system so that I can switch between the two and/or copy paste between the two if needed?

Presently, at least with this version of the software, there appears to be a problem unless it’s with my iMac. I do have plenty of ram on the system and rarely do I have a hiccup.

Any solutions to my issue? Maybe?


you can open two or more projects, but only one can be active at any given time (all versions, this is not specific to Elements).
If you playback the inactive project, the UI does not respond to changes, the play-head is still and appears locked.

I do believe the issue is actually step 3, where you open and activate “project B”, which effectively defeats “project A”.
If you open “project B”, don’t activate it and just copy stuff from it, it should work fine.

Okay. I’ll sure give it a go as you have explained it. If there are any issues that come up beyond this, I will post updates here. Again, thx.

Hi and welcome,

First of all, wouldn’t it be better to use the Import > Tracks From Project?

To your scenario, it’s important, which project is active in any of the time. You said, you activate project B. Then you paste to project A. But project A is not activated anymore, right? Then you close project B, but project A is still not active. Since Cubase 10.5, Cubase doesn’t activate a project by itself, so you have to do it by yourself.