Strange issue with live inputs

Hi all,
This week end I found a strange thing on my nuendo rig. I need to de some overdubs, and found that no plug ins work if inserted on a live input ( the nuendo Eq did’t work either) every work perfect on the recorded tracks. Any idea?

Thank you in advance


Are you monitoring through the software or through direct monitoring? Were the effects printed and played back fine (but you just couldn’t hear them in record?).

Hi likelystory,
thank you for helping me. I’m monitoring through the software.And the process did not come on the monitors. I discover that this apears after a change in my windows set up ( somethig gets wrong and the computer crashes) I’m gonna re install Nuendo and see if this solves the problem!


Check to see you’re running the correct audio device driver in Nuendo if it had crashed.

Thank you for your help. I just updated to 5.5.3, re install the rme drivers and every thig worked fine now…Nuendo did not crashed, I made some changes in windows, that rendered the machine unussable! I recovered that, but encounter this strange behaviour in Nuendo. Mow its up and running.
Thank you for helping me!!