Strange lane behaviour

I am having a problem with lanes in N7. When I mute the latest lane, the previous lane does not come into focus and won’t sound. In other words, even though the clip in the last lane is muted, it remains the clip in focus and so there is no sound. I have to click on the clip in the previous lane to get it into focus (to make it audible). If the lane before has a bunch of edits, I have to select each and every clip. It is like walking through molasses. The clip in the bottom lane should always be the one to sound, unless it is muted. I am guessing that it must be a setting somewhere but I haven’t been able to find a lanes setting. Is this a bug?

While I am at it, there is something that has been incredibly annoying for a long time. When I cut a clip in a lane, all of the clips in the lane get cut even though I have only one clip selected. The only way out is to de-select the clip I want to cut, cut it then de-select the now selected clip for the next cut and so on. This makes it a click fest. I want to cut ONLY what I have selected. If I wanted all clips cut I would select all clips. Please change this behavior Steinberg. Or if it is a “feature”, give us a preference.



So no one else is seeing this?


I found the setting! It is “treat muted audio events like deleted” in preferences, editing, audio. I always had it selected in previous versions of Nuendo but I thought it dealt with reducing effective track count to lighten the load on the hard drive. It is an obscure place to put a preference for lane editing behavior.

Is anyone else bothered by splitting all clips in lanes when only one clip is selected?


To be honest ever since they changed lanes from 5.0 the whole lane experience has been so bad I’ve never used them again. Yes - I’m bothered by them but unfortunately I can’t see it changing any time soon :frowning:

Right now the split applying to all tracks when only one is selected is the thing that slows me down. I like the rest of how the lanes work though someone with more imagination may be able to come up with something better and I’m all for that. What about lanes bothers you? I would love Steinberg to address this.



Oh my god thank you! This has been driving me mad - the issue about muted events preventing other events in lanes above being heard