Strange layout, how to fix it

After importing a xml score I get a strange layout with unequal distances between the systems. How can I get the same distance everywhere and a unique layout?
Pachelbel_Canon_in_D_for_Cello_and_Piano.dorico (821.9 KB)

I’ve reduced the Ideal Gaps; reduced the Staff Size slightly, and the Note Spacing to get a nice fit.

You could reduce the top and bottom margins for a bit more height on the page if you wanted more room.

Pachelbel_Canon_in_D_for_Cello_and_Piano.dorico (876.0 KB)

Bear in mind that the horizontal and vertical spacing is determined by the music, and variations are to be expected. Well engraved music is not necessarily all exactly the same height, spacing, number of bars, etc.

Can you make these changes with the Ipad version of Dorico or do you need the desktop version?

They’re all in Layout Options, so accessible on the iPad.