Strange little tie/slur thingy... not sure it's an "issue"

Someone posted on the Facebook group that they were having trouble inserting both a tie and a slur.
the desired result was in the attached image (my reproduction of their example).
The “issue” seems to be that if you enter the tie for the B (16th note tied to quarter bottom of the chord) you can’t simply press “S” and have Dorico add a slur. You actually have to click the B AND the top note of the chord to have the slur inserted.

If there is no tie, you can insert a slur, and THEN tie the two Bs. That works.
I’m wondering, this is the desired behaviour?

It’s expected, because the tied note (in Dorico = one note) then means that the slur starts and ends on the same note “event”, which in general is unnecessary and Dorico doesn’t “do” in general.

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I’ve found an easy way to simply avoid this issue, by drag-slecting the starting note and finishing notes (chord) and pressing “S”, which correctly applies the slur.

Let’s say this isn’t an issue for me, but it’s good to have confirmation that the behaviour is (exactly as I suspected) the way Dorico “thinks”.

It’s come up before, so you might be able to find the earlier discussion around it (I can’t remember enough to go looking for it myself right now though, I’m afraid)

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You can always use ctrl-click to select the end note for a slur. I find this simplest to remember because it also works across voices.

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It has always behaved like that…

You can even select all of those notes with one click by clicking on the stem of the chord.

Hello everyone,
I’ve found this particular case today.

Schermata 2024-07-07 alle 21.44.45

I faked it by using a slur for the first two tied notes and made some adjustments in “engrave mode”. It does the trick but it look a little funny. Is there any other solution?

No need. Ties work perfectly well. Yes, you need to adjust the slur and the hairpin in Engrave.