Strange menu bar - OSX

I have a very strange problem. While working a while there I get two Cubase names in menu bar. One is clickable and works like normal but other is not working. More often there is only one name Cubase (but not bold like other applications) but working normally.

Anyone have this same problem? I have MacPro with Snow Leopard 10.6.7.

I didn’t noticed anything like this before.



I saw this happen once but has not since appeared

I get it happening after loading either Plogue Bidule, or one of the Korg Legacy Collection plugins (I think Weasel has also remarked it too).
That’s not to say those are the only two culprits… so it would be really useful if you could make a note of which other plugins cause this to happen. (Once you get the double menu, you can only get rid of it by relaunching Cubase).

Yes, it can be Korg Legacy. I will test it tommrow again.

I also don’t have a bold font of Cubase in menu bar when I start blank project from fresh mac restart. It’s unbold like all other menu items - file, edit…



(I think Weasel has also remarked it too).

Yes, same observation awile ago. See:

Thanx for the info.

So it’s a BUG :bulb:

However it’s a best DAW ever :smiley: