Strange Noises while monitoring a track

I’m currently running a UR22 on Cubase 9, and I’m getting this horrible high pitched whines while monitoring a track. These noises are only present when Cubase is monitoring a track. If the monitor button is off, I do not get them. Also, I’m only using headphones as output.
Adio file:first monitoring off, and then on.
I’m running the UR-22 into a W10+i5 for some weeks now with no problem until today.
Any ideas or suggestions on how to solve this?

Sounds like microphone feedback (actualy it sounds like the internal mic of a laptop feedbacking over it’s speakers, possibly your headset)
troubleshooting: lower the gain on your preamp and headphones until the ringing stops, then check if the mike you think you are using, is indeed working (tap on it/speak closely into it), or disconnect the mike(s) to see if it stops.

The noise persists even though theres literally nothing (not even the headphones) connected to the interface; gains are zeroed as well.

Can it be a hardware issue?

It definitely sounds like feedback. Maybe you have direct and daw monitoring turned on at the same time? Or something else feeding the signal back into the track?