Strange note duration behaviour

I’m experiencing some really strange behaviour for some notes. The whole problem can easily be understood by looking at the attached image: Some (not all) notes are by default shortened to about 1/3 or 1/4 of the notated duration. I am using NotePerformer, but I really can not find any solution for this on their page (I’ve done all the right things, according to the manual). Any suggestion on how to fix this? Anyone else experiencing this?

Another thing/suggestion: Dorico (@dspreadbury ) should have a “reset note duration” function on this, that actually resets duration to notated duration, that would be really great.

And thanks for a really great update, with Dorico 4!

Though I don’t have any idea on the core problem, the “reset note duration” can already be found in Play Mode: It’s the very last entry in the Play menu (probably called “Reset playing changes” or something along those lines; I’m using Dorico in German).
I use this all the time after putting in notes via keyboard in real time.

Hi @Estigy, and thanks for replying. In the English version this is called “Reset Playback Overrides”. And unfortunately does nothing what this topic concerns.

I am guessing this is a Dorico 4.0.1 / NotePerformer compatibility problem, since this reset-entry does nothing.

Hi, @JMSmordal

The way I understand NotePerformer is that it sits “outside” Dorico as a playback engine and only receives MIDI data from Dorico when playing.
I might be totally wrong here, but my guess would be that NotePerformer has nothing to do with the issue at hand.


You do not say what instrument is playing this note. A violin would have a much different profile than a xylophone.

Sorry to ask the obvious, but are you using the NotePerformer Playback Template? Or have you just loaded NP as a VST and a different Expression Map is being used?

The behaviour is independent of the instrument. In this case, it’s an oboe. It’s seems random, how this shortening of duration acts.

Natural question. And yes, I’m using both the template, and the latest edition etc.

Can you attach the project, or a cut-down snippet of it, that reproduces the problem?

Hi Daniel - and thanks for reminding me of the guidelines. In fact, following your guidelines lead me to the solution. Luckily. So thank you so much!
Solution: In my quite messy score (using the Dorico-file as a sketch board), I had given the instruction “tongue ram” very early on in the score to 7 performers. Hence the “random” shortness of the long notes. Naturally, “ord” fixed it.

I feel a bit stupid for this, sorry for taking your time. Thanks for your reply @dspreadbury .

Thanks for sharing this solution, and please don’t feel stupid - this kind of stuff is hard to keep track of. Your solution gives me an idea: on my Apple Watch, if I set a workout and then sit in my chair (perhaps to read the Dorico forum), after awhile the watch will ping me and ask if I want to end the workout.

I wonder if something analogous would ever be useful for playing techniques in Dorico? Maybe not, but it can be easy to forget that a playing technique is still active.

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Thanks for sharing JMSmordal. As Stephen said, don’t feel stupid; it helps us all.
A suggestion for what @Stephen_Taylor is saying (about the sort of reminder for playing techniques), is keeping the playing techniques lane below the piano roll always visible. There, you can check which technique is active for any note selected.