Strange notehead problem

While working with a score in Dorico I discovered a strange problem with different noteheads and their accidentials. When switching to an alternative notehead sometimes the accidential disappears and I see no way to get them back. And this happens although Dorico shows me the correct note name (with accidential). Attached a simple example where the 4th note in the Violin should be c sharp. (1.19 MB)

I don’t think the problem is related to the choice of notehead, but rather to the properties you’ve set on those notes. I find that if I delete the two C# 16th notes and then input them again, then set the notehead set to ‘Small Slash Noteheads’, which I assume is the one you used, then the sharp accidental still appears before that note.

Yes, it’s ‘Small Slash Noteheads’. If you select this note and say “Force duration” the accidential disappears. Should this happen?

Edit: It happens only with noteheads from the category slash noteheads!

To illustrate the problem attached a little video of what is going on. Can anyone confirm this (to exclude the possibility that it is only a mis-configuration of my system)? (561 KB)

I can replicate UMahnken’s issue here. All displays fine UNTIL you retrospectively apply Force Duration, at which point the sharp disappears.

The slash noteheads have some special behaviours because they are designed not to transpose.

If you want to use a notehead that looks like a slash but which doesn’t have these special properties, I suggest you create a new notehead set in Engrave > Notehead Sets, and add the required slash notehead to that new set, rather than using one of the built-in ones.

Ah … okay, I think this is not documented anywhere.

For my purposes I have no use for the slash noteheads, so I used them to create a new notehead. The example was simplified to show what’s going on. For this purpose now I use an other notehead set from the category “Round and Square” and all is fine. No need to create a new notehead set in this case.