Strange ON/Off midi performance

Hello Dorico,
I’ve recently upgraded to Dorico 5 Elements. Yesterday I constructed my own templates and all worked fine. Today, while the midi indicator light works and the notes appear on the stave when using midi keyboard - no sound. All the examples given do not produce sound Except for the Versicles and Responses, which work fine. Trying to input music in new projects today produces only notes no sound during entry or playback. The only success is with the two projects over the last couple of days. Please are you able to help me?

The first thing I would check? I’d reapply the Playback Template in the Play menu.

Thanks for your reply, Derrek. The only tracks that work are those constructed before upgrading from SE to Elements and they work only using the SE Playback Templates. None of the templates in Setup (Elements) produce sound whatever the playback Template but I can enter the notes using midi keyboard and the green indicator shows that midi is operating. Has something happened when I upgraded from SE? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It might be worth running Steinberg Download Assistant, choosing Dorico Elements 5 in the list of products on the left-hand side, then checking that all the content listed on the right has been installed. If not, install it, and that should set things straight.

Thanks Dspreadbury,
I did what you suggested and all the elements are ticked (except for the version history). I reloaded them again and restarted my computer. No change. I’ll continue to try and locate a solution and if anyone has any more ideas, I’d be very grateful.

Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

Thanks for your help Dspreadbury -much appreciated. As requested, file attached
Dorico (2.0 MB)

Thanks for attaching the diagnostics. Everything looks OK in there. When you start a brand new project based on e.g. the Piano solo template and input a few notes, do you hear playback there?

As requested, I opened the piano from Project Template options. No sound during note entry either with midi keyboard or using ‘simple entry’.
All the notes appeared correctly on the stave but again, no sound on play - either using ‘quick play’ method or ‘return to beginning’ option.

If you go to Play mode, select the Piano instrument in the track overview on the right-hand side, then in the Routing section of the Track Inspector panel click the e button to show the HALion Sonic plug-in window, do you see the S90 piano patch loaded?

This is what I see in the HALion Sonic window - does this help?

Yes, it does help. You don’t hear anything, because there is no sound patch loaded. Please follow the instructions from this thread.

Thank you dspreadbury and Ulf for your collective help. It all works! Brilliant!

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