Strange parameter changes of VST instruments

Just did the C11 Pro to C12 Pro upgrade. Started a new song. Same old template I’ve used in C11. I’m also using Komplete Kontrol S49, and a VSTi synth, Synapse “The Legend”. I have not done any midi remote setups, just how C12 comes. And I have not done any midi mapping.

When I have the track highlighted and press the KK Play button, the volume knob on The Legend goes to max (happens every 3rd time or so, but not every time). It also seems all the 8 KK encoders change various synth parameters, but the VST QC are different and do not move. Never experienced this in C11. Hitting on my computer keyboard does not affect the VSTi volume.

What the heck is going on, any ideas? And can I stop this? A bit annoying when The Legend playing bass goes from volume =3 to =10. It f-n almost blew my speakers…

Maybe the Komplete Kontrol DAW port is included in “all midi inputs”? If yes, it shouldn’t be. That port has a separate remote control entry in Studio settings. You may have to add it to your C12.

Assuming you didn’t nuke your C11 environment, you should be able to compare your Studio settings for both and hopefully that will show the differences.

Some of the 3rd party midi remote stuff doesn’t always come across automatically when upgrading.

Thanks Nico!
The KK DAW Midi input was checked, both in C11 and C12. But I unchecked it and the problem went away. So why no issue in C11? Turns out The Legend has a lot of pre-configured midi CC mappings (!). Guess I never used the KK Play button while on a The Legend track in C11…

  • Can I remove the pre-configured midi CC mappings from Synapse The Legend?
    I saw somebody suggest the following, but will it work?

- insert only one instance of The Legend,
- remove midi connections by using right click on the The Legend’s UI and use the option “midi forget”
- once it’s all done, please close the project or relaunch Cubase
- the settings should be preserved for the new The Legend instances.

Will Cubase remember that midi mappings are removed in new projects?

@RikkShow Sorry I don’t have The Legend, so I can’t be of much specific help with it.

In some plugins such changes require the removal of the plugin from the project and then adding it again. So if the method you quoted doesn’t work, maybe try that.

What works is often dependent how the plugin is programmed internally (often more so than Cubase) and different developers do thing differently. :slight_smile: