Strange "phasing" on vocals when adding parallel stereo buss to mono track _ SOLVED (CPU ISSUES)

I know this seems like a mixing question, but Im asking it here because if there is a “solution” I need to be able to know how to do it within cubase pro-

Im not sure why I just now noticed it- but its driving me nuts…

I have a mono vocal track.-if I add a stereo parallel effects track it causes a very mild panning, phase, modulation sound.

its mild- kinda like it won’t stay in the center as if there were an autopan going 5 left to 5 right.
Idk if in stereo its just taking into account the proximity effect from the mono signal or what but I can’t stand it.

I’ve tried routing it 100 percent wet- flipping phase- making sure the eq is the same, high passing the bus, and although I can make it little better it just doesn’t stay put the way my other mono tracks do when adding a stereo buss.
Ive even tried routing it IN to the track itself and moving the mono track to a stereo track.

I guess im just confused as to why anyone would want to do this at this point because I know a lot of people love it

maybe the way I tracked the vocal, or the mic I used just makes it more noticeable than usual?

Im absolutely willing to bounce it and give an example_(if someone awesome wants to help me) - just tell me how you want me to route it first.

maybe this is normal? I mean its not super prominent , but prominent enough to make my mix sound terribly distracting and incohesive …

Its not an “emergency” either, because I have a huge wide mix with alot of movement, and entirely mono vocals sound great.

edit* by buss I mean fx track- (sorry I spent years on pro tools)

my routing is mono track - mono fx track (parallel) -mono group - stereo out

if I change either the fx track or the group track to stereo , this is when I notice the “modulation” which is bizarre to me because its going to the stereo out of course

FX track? What FX?

It does it dry, or with any effect 100 percent wet or not. pre or post.

I would LIKE to be able to process a stereo reverb or something but like I said if I place one stereo fx track or group in the path on its way to the stereo buss it starts modulating.

I just tried it again to make sure I didn’t have any weird processing going on and I don’t_ and mild was an understatement- it sounds like its constantly pulling to the left despite everything being panned to the center.

no matter how I route it

Like I said, im fine running everything mono for the song- it works.
I just know alot of people like to run stereo effects on vocals. so this just seems odd cuz it sounds horrible.

I have mono>stereo verbs but I don’t see how that’s possible to create a true stereo reverb on a mono track-


audio example please…

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You may be inserting a mono plug-in on a stereo FX track. Is this the case?

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OKAY SO I FIXED IT! sort of…
I DID have a mono Plugin on the stereo track
I figured it out when I inserted a reverb on the track and clicked disable- the track went grey, but the reverb stayed.

So here I was ignoring the plugins I had in my chain because I THOUGHT they were disabled.

Alvaras called it- a mono SSL strip on my stereo track (why I didn’t notice it because it wasn’t changing the sound much)

st10ss- I think you were correct on my previous post- I’ve been having some very strange issues since I had installed a handful of 3rd party plugins. Not a “cubase” glitch, but rather its causing me alot off stability issues that are random.
Im gonna have to delete them and see if it persists

Either way, THANK YOU both for being willing to help I was really scratching my head.