Strange Plugin Issue-Cubase 5- 32bit files

Hello All,
haven’t been here in quite a while as everything has been running smooth…BUT, I have a strange issue…some background. I recorded a live show with Behringer x32 board using x32 live card, It records at 32bit-48k-pcm files. I loaded into Cubase and it played fine at first. I closed and re-opened and files are pegged in the red and all static? I reloaded and they play again? When I go to load drumagog it loads and files play but no plugin sound? None of my Waves plugins are active, They load and look fine but no effect. I loaded up a previous song that is mp3 files and all plugins are fine.
I re-loaded all 32bit files and this time converted to 16bit thinking too much for cubase5…No luck, some plugins work most don’t. Is there a file issue here? Any help would be appreciated…I just want to replace some drums and guitar via drumagog and amplitude and neither are giving any sound.

I decided to load Reaper and give it a shot, All files loaded fast and played well but I could not find my drumagog plugin? It may be time for a new DAW anyway, Just like old familiar!
Best, Harry

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of Cubase 5. Update to Cubase 5.5.0, then apply the 5.5.3 update:

Cubase 5 had no known issues with 32 bit audio files.

If the issue somehow persists, give the trial version of Cubase Pro 9.5 a go and see if that fixes it. 9.5 has much better support for newer OSes and plugins, and of course it’s also far superior to Cubase 5 both in terms of performance and workflow once you get used to it.

It may be 5.5 not sure, not home.
I think I would go with Reaper before dropping another $300-$400.

I am using vers. 5.1.1. I dl’d updates and clicked to execute files, after 15 secs. nothing happened? I tried both updates? same 15 secs… asked If I wanted groove plugins and then nothing? Vers. is still 5.1.1
I don’t want to go newer than vers. 6 because of bloat in software with vsti’s.
any ideas?