Strange Project Length Behaviour

I’ve noticed in the last two versions of both Cubase and Nuendo [currently C9.0.4 N8.10]that every now and again I’ll open up a project and it’s length-in-time has change. I just opened up a project that his around 4 min, and the project was originally set to the correct length for zoom-out puposes, but it open as 9:40:10, about twice as long. The audio is still the same, but the playing field has enlargened.

There seems to not be any reason for this, doesn’t happen all the time, of often, but does happen probably about once every 10 sessions or so.

Is this a thing you’ve heard of before?


One possibility…
Not sure about Nuendo but CB does has a preference option open projects as “Open projects in last view used”. If this option is chosen it means that the next opened project will open with the same view as the one that was last saved (even if you saved a different project).

Hence this feature request:

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Thanks for that, Prock. But now I’m even more confused.
While that’s not the answer to my randomly-gets-more-time-added problem, I just zoomed in to a specific point an a random project, saved, and when I reopened it it was all zoomed in to the right spot.
What am I missing, Mate?

And if your preferences were set to the option I mentioned then, if you opened a different project, it too would open to the same zoom and spot.

That’s why I mentioned it. But, I guess I did not understand your issue. Are you saying that the markers have actually changed positions to change the length? Or has just the zoom view changed. Which could be explained by the setting I mentioned.

Meaning… you have worked a project and saved it at a zoom view that was 4 mins long. Then you worked a different project and saved it at a 9 min zoom view. If later you then opened the 1st project, it would (may) open to a 9 min zoom view.

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let’s see if I can describe it better…

so, I have a song, 4:00 in musical length. I set the “project length” in the Project dialogue to 4:10 to give me some extra room at the end of the song so I can better see the end of the last clip better, and also so when I zoom-out in full I see the entire song fitting on my screen.
But sometimes when I open a project, the actual time-allocation in the Project dialogue has gone from 4:10 to, in this case, 9:40 so the “playing field” has doubled in size.
The song and markers and locators are all where there supposed to be within the clips-range, but the total-project-time has jumped way up and there is now a long stretch of blank bars after the song-end.

Weird, huh?

Very unusual, I think. I have never seen anything like that (CP 9.0.4). Have you tried to “Save as New Version” to see if the problem happens in the new version as well? Did you flip the time from bars and beats to something else and back again?

The only project length issue I’ve had is where, at the end of a project, Cubase doesn’t want to let me add new measures. I have to use the pencil and draw in some new measures and then new measures are added.