Strange Repeat and filter behaviour (Bug?)

This is a much simplified example of what I was doing:

  1. Create new Project and Player (any instrument)
  2. Assign time signature (2/4) and create two bars full of notes (I added 4 crotchets)
  3. Select All
  4. Repeat (using R key command)
  5. Select all (Using Command-A)
  6. Edit > Filter > Time Signatures
  7. Use Command-Click to deselect first Time Signature
  8. Press delete to remove the second Time Signature

This results in the attached image. There are two things that I think should not happen.

Firstly, step 4 has created an additional rest at the end. Probably something to do with the final bar line being selected but I don’t think any additional rest should be created. The rest manifests itself as a bar rest after step 4 but is exposed as a crotchet rest after step 8.

Secondly, step 8 deletes both Time Signatures, even the initial one that is not selected.

By the way, if you only create one bar in step 2 but otherwise follow all the instructions, then step 8 does NOT delete the first time signature.

After Delete.png

Thanks for reporting this, Pete. We’re aware of this problem and I hope we’ll have a fix for it in a future version, though I’m afraid it’s unlikely to be in the next update.