Strange sample playback in Cubase

When using a simple kick drum sample in the sampler track there is a weird alternating playback phenonium which is audible also (pic 1). I then used the same single sample but just placed it on the beat for two bars on a regular audio track, this sounds the same but the waveform is different every time viewing supervision (pic 2). Any ideas on why this is happening? There is no processing at all and the LFOs are not used in Sampler track…

Do you have double note events on the sampler track maybe? Have a look with the List Editor.

If not, a screenshot of the Sampler Control view might be helpful.

Hi Johnny, here are the pictures…

There is also a crazy amount of sub in the sampler track version compared to the same sample on the audio track

I’ve also deleted the event and the sample track continues to play a low quality version of the sample every 1st and 3rd beat. Strange…

That’s why I asked for the double note events. It looks like the sample gets played twice every other beat.
I’d look around my project where this my be coming from. Some hidden track maybe?

Edit: Some MIDI plugin?

Heh, you removed the Event and it keeps playing you say ? Some people had similar experience not long ago :

Yes, but only for the first 2 bars. Then it fixes itself and comes back. My ongoing phrase is “imagine being in a professional recording studio, then this happens”.