Strange selection jump in 3.5 version (bug?)

Hi! Since I intalled 3.5 version, I have noticed a strange selection behavior. It happens when I select a passage that extends over diferent frames. When I select the item at the end of selection, it jumps foward, leaving the selected passage out of view…
I suppose its a bug…


I’m unable to reproduce this, Xavier, but I probably will be able to if you provide the following:

  1. A full-resolution screenshot of your Dorico window at the point at which you select the first note.
  2. A full-resolution screenshot of the position of the window just before you Shift+click the last note, plus details of the bar/beat/staff position of the note you are about to select.
  3. The project file you’re using.

These kinds of behaviours tend to be very, very specific to window geometry and exactly what you’re selecting.

Thank you Daniel. I enclose a sample project. You only have to select first note in flute part and then shift-select the first note in bar 49 (with a zoom that fits aproximately one page, so you have to scroll horizontally to select the second note).
Untitled (402 KB)

Thanks, I can see this now. For the time being, if you make the selection in the opposite direction (from the later note to the earlier one) I think you’ll find this doesn’t jump. We’ll fix this.

Excellent, thank you!