Strange Sustain Pedal Issues

I know there are LOTS of sustain pedal posts, but I couldn’t find anything quite like my issue…
When I record a take with my midi controller the first chord, which I use the sustain to move into the 2nd chord, does not play back like I recorded it. The chord stops as if I lifted the pedal.
But the rest of the phrase is correct and plays back all the pedals holds.
What’s even weirder is… If I then move that same clip a few measures foward, from say, measure 30, to measure 34, the clip plays back exactly way it was recorded! It’s so frustrating…
Also… the sustain behavior works perfectly when simply playing the plugin (AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4) and monitoring the track, without recording. But when I try to record, I get this weird behavior. I also notice that as soon as I press the sustain during the pre-recording count-in, the take lane selection instantly moves up to the main track, as if the sustain is sending some strange midi command to Cubase. It’s so aggravating.
I’m using an Artruia Keylab 61 mkII controller, with a Roland DP-10 sustain pedal. It’s worked great for a good while.
TBH, I’ve been messing with the settings in Cubase Preferences, as I’ve been wanting to dive deeper into the software. I may have messed things up, but I’ve been putting some of the menus back to default settings in trying to remedy this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Makes me think there’s another track sending data to that VST.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can find anything.