Strange things and i cannot put a finger on it

Well, apart from not getting into Cubase 12 and installing all windows updates i had noticed that all my colours look all washed out and no matter how i changed the monitor and The Nvidia 1030 Gforce adjustments i could not get anything to look quite normal.
As an example the yellow looked like a dirty gold .
This has all happened since trying to update to Cubase 12.
I have got a system image and can always go back to it , but that has unfortunately the same colour problem.
I do not know whether this was in a windows 11 update or all the fidding about to get Cubase 12 to work.
Today for the first time, i have decided to reinstall windows 11 completely.
I have just reset and reinstalled saving all my folders.
Low and behold the the colour system is back to normal.
The problem is now loading everything back in for another bash at it.
Has anyone else had their colour scheme upset in all of the new update process???
So now i have at least proved that my graphics card is ok. Woopie Noo for Noddie.
I also found out through the reinstall that the Removed apps log included the latest Nvidia GForce 1030 drivers. Window reset reinstalled and put another version in and all colours are back to pristine. I wonder if i put a wrong driver in during updates but the Gforce exerience said i had the latest driver,yet the graphics were all washed out. Si is s it me or another update mess up by Nvidia.
What is going on with all these updates of late. Now to rebuild and leave alone this time.
Things like CCcleaner is not what it used to be and its’driver updater can make things worse.

Any advice now on what would be the best Firefox or Microsoft edge

All the Best

Might you have accidentally hit the buttons on you monitor and changed it to the wrong profile? Easy to do if you have monitors with touch screen controls.

Just an idea…

Also, make sure your video cables are seated properly in the computer and in the monitor.