Strange unwanted sound trigger with Bandoneon instrument

Working on a piece with the bandoneon instrument in Halion.
The score also has other instruments.
The issue is when you copy and paste notes into any instrument, it triggers the bandoneon to play the first not of its part.
Don’t know why this is happening. Anyone experiencing similar issue?
Here’s a sample of the file and diagnostic report.
sample.dorico (4.0 MB)

Dorico (1.2 MB)

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It took a while to pin this down, but I got there in the end. When you paste, Dorico always performs an incremental update of the playback template, to make sure that if you are pasting into a new instrument or a new voice, any new sounds that need to be loaded are loaded. As part of this application of the playback template, Dorico generates some playback events to ensure that the state of the various MIDI controllers etc. is appropriate to the dynamics in the music, so that when you audition notes, they have appropriate dynamics.

To work out the dynamics, Dorico looks backwards from the state at the position in question to determine what notes are sounding, what dynamics they are at, and so on. It filters out notes that are just starting at the point in question, which is why you don’t normally hear them.

However, your tempo is extremely slow (q = 45) and the notes in your project all have negative start offsets, by way of the Playback start offset property, and so Dorico thinks these notes are already sounding and are not close to starting at that point, so it auditions them as well.

If you remove the Playback start offset values, Dorico won’t play the notes when you paste.

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Ok. Will do.
Thanks for your help.