Strange wav file representation

Just upgraded to Cubase 13 (the night before the flippin 30% off sale…) and noticed when recording a trumpet part yesterday that the wavform is not centered over the mid line of the track. The top part extends up higher than the track can actually represent, but it is not clipped - you can see that by looking at the bottom part of the wav. Is this some setting I have to undo? It’s hard to work with when I can’t see the top and bottom. I am zoomed out vertically - so I’m just curious if anyone knows what might be happening.

I’m running a Mac Mini M2 Pro, Sonoma 14.3, Apollos. Thoughts???


Search for the DC Offset, please.

That’s the first thing I did. It’s not DC offset. However, I have heard horns can do this - could that be true?

Absolutely. The constant air pressure on the microphone capsule forces it to vibrate not around its center position but with an offset displacement. Like pushing the capsule upfront. It’s a mechanical phenomenon, not electrical. Just by seeing the waveform I knew it’s a trumpet. It could be an indicator of the microphone being placed too close (also you can try positioning the mic slightly off-axis). Loud trumpets cause high spl levels. However, once recorded, actually it’s not a problem if it sounds as it should.

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Ok! Cool - it’s a Beyer M160 that happens to sound great on trumpet and I do end up putting it pretty close which gets a sweet full tone - but this is fascinating and reassuring, and cool you knew it was a trumpet… :slight_smile:

Yeah! If it sounds great, forget the waveform.

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