Strange waveform/level issue after rendering

Hello, I’m here for the weirdness of the day.
I was doing dome basic comping and cleanup then I rendered the whole thing as a single file.
The waveform on the rendered track appears to be smaller than the original, yet when inverting the phase it cancels out perfectly. Look inside the Editor, the blue waveform (original) is indeed bigger. The only plugin used was Gate.

Additionally when this happens and we do the phase test, we can hear the audio for very brief moment (or a click noise) when pressing Start and Stop and when replacing the Cursor during playback. This would mean that this false level difference is indeed taken into consideration for a very brief moment then all goes back to normal. This is not just a graphical issue.
That’s not the first time I’ve experienced this strange issue.

Hi Louis,
IMO the top waveform not just looks bigger, but different overall. If I understood you correctly, you had a gate on the top track (as an insert or DOP?), wouldn’t that just change the audio and thus the waveform? And couldn’t the gate also account for the click you are hearing, maybe still having some old data left in a buffer or similar?

Couldn’t that also just be a buffer “emptying” at different times for different tracks/paths? Maybe because of processing?

I wouldn’t be so sure that this is proof of a difference in the files.
Could you do a peak level measure of the two files? Maybe even outside of Cubase?

Hi, just a quick update on this, that was a mistake, the volume fader wasn’t at zero when I rendered.

The click heard when using transport was indeed due to the Gate. Actually I’ve found out that the click also happens when the Gate is bypassed, so this is another weird bug.