Stream Deck from Elgato Systems - Perfect partner for Dorico!

I want to thank Dan Kreider for suggesting the Stream Deck from Elgato Systems. If you wonder what it is, it is a compact box with 15 hardware buttons with a small LCD screen behind each of them. With the free downloadable app you can then program each key to do various tasks and show colorful back lit icons, not only in Dorico, but in all applications on your Mac or PC. It will change the layout according to which app is active at the moment. I have found it to be a real timesaver to execute commands in Dorico, like different filter commands etc. And it doesn’t cost you a fortune either. I have enclosed a screen shot of how I have set it up initially. This may change over time but then again it is very easy to do this. I am using Logoist 3 to make the icons but there is also an online logo creator which is free. Enjoy!
Stream Deck - Dorico.png

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Seconded! Based on Dan’s (and the forum’s) recommendation, I asked for and received a StreamDeck for Christmas and it has been huge for me in improving note entry speed.

Still paying with configurations, but I currently have the middle row set to note values (16th -> whole) and the row below it to dotted forms, and use the top row for rests, ties, backspace, etc. Now I can quickly enter notes with the right hand on my MIDI keyboard and my left on the StreamDeck and hardly touch the keyboard. Great stuff!