Stream Deck Icons upside down and mirror images

Rather confused to find this after plugging in today.
The icons in the software look normal but on the deck itself, no…I have used it quite a lot, so I know where a lot of things are, but still…
I logged into notation central and DLd the software again with no joy

Anyone had this kind of issue? Grateful for any help. The deck has been great so far

This may be due to me setting it up on another computer which was running High Sierra, then bringing it back to my original one which has Sierra.
I don’t know but perhaps the firmware changed

Thanks for looking

Do the icons show correctly in the Stream Deck software, or are they mirrored there too?

Hi pianoleo,
they are correct in the software

I recommend unplugging Stream Deck and reinstall the Stream Deck software and Notation Express. Worth a try, anyway.

I’ve tried rolling back using Time Machine and that doesn’t fix it.

Also, I changed to the original Default Profile which just has the Elgato logo with ‘welcome’ on the centre button. That’s also mirrored, but not in the software

If the Elgato welcome logo is mirrored, this sounds like a Stream Deck problem rather than a Notation Express problem. While I’m not the person on the end of the Notation Central/Notation Express email address, I am the person that adapted Notation Express for Dorico and I’m on very friendly terms with Philip at Notation Central/NYC Music Services. To the best of my knowledge, no other Notation Express user has reported a problem with mirrored icons.

(A quick Google indicates that you’re not the only Stream Deck user with this problem - there are a few reports on Reddit)

Have you reached out to Elgato?

Thanks Leo, I haven’t tried to contact Elgato but doing so and trying to find other people who have a similar problem seems to be the way to go.

Unless anyone reading this can help now