Stream Deck macro keypad

Does Notation Express work on the new 32-button StreamDeck XL?

Does Notation Express use all 32 of the buttons by default, or is that something the user sets up for himself?

Does it matter whether you buy mac or windows Notation Express to also use it with an iPad?

Speculative, since no one owns one yet (they’re shipping soon), but I would imagine the existing profile would only populate 15 of the 32 buttons. Leo mentioned they’re looking into a modified profile.

Yes. Buy the version that corresponds to your PC. In other words, if you run Dorico on Windows, buy Notation Express for Dorico - Windows.

The iPad will work with both Mac and Windows.

I’ll report back once mine arrives :slight_smile:

In case this wasn’t clearly answered before - yes, absolutely. You set up your iPhone/iPad as another “Stream Deck” and you can either copy a profile over within the desktop app or install it the usual way (double-clicking in the Finder/File Explorer or importing).

Brilliant! Thanks for replies.

The iPhone version for a couple bucks a month is a nice way to try out the concept before purchasing a real unit, but I would probably like a real unit also. An iPad version with more buttons could be interesting though…

Proof of concept: Notation Express running on iPad, iPhone, and Stream Deck all simultaenously. It’s Sibelius, but you get the idea…

Philip, that is pretty awesome.

I succumbed and placed a preorder for the larger unit. I’ll likely repurpose my smaller unit at home. I have a perfect spot on the edge of my keyboard to perch these devices and I think the larger one will be perfect. I also just purchased keyboard maestro to try and up my game even further.

A quick idea for anyone who is tweaking the Notation Express profile to your own usage patterns:

I coded in a “hotkey switch” to toggle between write and engrave modes. You can code cmd+3 and cmd+2 in the two slots and it will just switch between those two modes ad nauseum. I find it more useful (and quicker) than the dedicated mode buttons since I spend 99% of my time swapping between those two modes.

I just added some icons for transport controls. You can see “F play” and “P play,” which are for “play from start of flow” and “play from start of project,” respectively.

Great idea!

(Not as if this would somehow be my “intellectual property”…) but if you push out an update in the future feel free to use this idea. I’m likely going to put that toggle on every screen I have for Dorico. It’s very useful.

Maybe on Notation Express XL :laughing:

I just saw Touch OSC mentioned in another post. Has anyone experimented with this? It looks as though it can do pretty much the same as the iPad version of Stream Deck, as well as being a one-off purchase instead of a subscription.

Certain stores don’t seem to have read the memo about release dates!

Amazon will want assurance of enough supply to meet their expected demand. Selling a few boxes early for a few hundred pounds (or dollars) is less important to them than Amazon (not Eldata!) getting bad publicity on social media for missed delivery dates.

If a retailer gets half a dozen boxes early and puts them up for sale till they are gone, that’s a different business model.

Ohhhhhh my…

Oh yes! Let’s have a chat :slight_smile: