Stream deck.

Just got a StreamDeck XL but read that Cubase doesn’t work very well with it? Anyone using one with Cubase (I’m on 10.5).

I’ve been using the Stream Deck XL with Cubase 10 Pro for several months. I works fairly well with only one major drawback. Functions only work if their associated window has the focus. In other words, if I’ve been working in the mixer and I go to use the transport buttons on the Stream Deck, it won’t work until I click on the arrange page to give it the focus.
That being said I’m finding it to be a huge timesaver since I have everything I need right at my fingertips. I have it paired with the regular sized Stream Deck so I have 47 buttons/functions total. I made custom icons in Adobe Illustrator which reproduce the equivalent button icons in Cubase.

Yeah the focus issue is a problem for us Metagrid folks too. Or really, even a bunch of regular Key Commands are focus dependent. What’s ultimately needed is the addition of some Key Commands to set the focus.

I use stream deck & metagrid. Both work brilliantly for me.

Sounds like you’re ready for the Enterprise Bridge with that rig.

What gaps do the two cover for each other, how do you divey up what goes where?

How do you get around the focus issue in Stream Deck?

So to execute project logical editor commands on either of these apps, the project logical editor window would have to be open???

Would utilizing a midi application in the background and Generic Remote be a way of getting around the focus problem?

This is Metagrid specific but I assume Stream Deck functions similar.
No you can execute LE presets directly from the MIDI menu without opening the Logical Editor and you can also put them in Macros which Metagrid can launch.

Generic Remote is how these things interact with Cubase in the first place and doesn’t really address the focus issues. There is an app some folks use (sorry don’t recall the name) that runs at the Windows level that can automate focus changes (-steve- is a big fan of this tool).

ok good to know thx

I have Stream Deck right by my mouse for super quick access. It controls mixer functions & control room primarily. I don’t have any focus issues as I’ll already be in the mixer when using. I Metapad for extra key commands and trigger all manner of things.

I have developed a StreamDeck plugin (Windows only) that is extremely integrated with Cubase and is able to control Cubase using both key commands and midi. The plugin is ready for some serious beta testing and if someone is interested in checking it out and do some beta testing just send me a PM.

Are you still using the Stream Deck with Cubase?
Would you be willing to share the icons etc…I would love to use my XL with Cubase 10.5


Are you still using the Stream Deck with Cubase?
Would you be willing to share the icons etc…I would love to use my XL with Cubase 10.5

Yes, still using. I’ll need to do some searching on my drives to find my icons. Send me private contact info, I’ll let you know what I find!

My Cubase plugin is Windows-only but there are a lot of Cubase icons bundled with it that should be usable on a Mac as well. Download link (for the icons) available in the documentation.