Stream Desk / SideshowFX - MIDI Remote Manager won't show the new controller in Cubase 12

I bought the Sideshow FX Stream Deck profile update for Cubase 12 for Windows 10. I can’t get the new Stream Deck controller to appear in the MIDI Controller tab inside MIDI Remote Manager. Following directions and working with their support group hasn’t fixed the issue. Has anyone upgraded from Cubase 11 and then tried to install the SideshowFX Cubase 12 profile?

One thing I’m wondering about is that I don’t see my Nektar Panarama P4 in the MIDI Controllers tab either. Should I?

Did you try talking directly to customer support through their website?
Their live chat is reasonably responsive in my experience.

Personally, I had to disable the midi aspect of sideshowfx, because it was interfering with other midi Devices. So I just use the key command part, which I still find very helpful.
But I still have Artist 10.5, so I don’t know how relevant my experience is.

Yes, exchanged several emails. They just stopped communicating after a couple of trouble shooting iterations. Maybe expected since most helpdesks are staffed for easy to medium issues. Harder problems have to be escalated to more senior techs but it would be nice if they told me that.

Your comment about just using the key commands may be check my key command preset selection. It’s empty. I set it to the Sideshow FX key command file and click OK. If I go back in, the presets field is empty again. Wondering is this is the underlying issue. In the setup instructions, setting the key command presets is done in the early steps before the remote MIDI controller is configured.

In looking around the forum, there are lots of complaints about presets not “sticking” but no clear solutions. Many threads just end without an answer. Other ‘fixes’ seem to be random or intermittent, i.e. “thought it was fixed but now the preset is gone again”.

Appreciate anyone’s experience if they encountered this preset issue before or have tried using Sideshow FX Stream Deck profile on Cubase 12 Pro. Thanks!

I have bought this product.
It works well as you follow strictly the manuel.