StreamDeck MIDI (Control Room) - Lost mapping

Guys, maybe someone can help me.

I have a few pages on StreamDeck controlling various Cubase features for some time now - all are working well.
I want to add a Control Room function to one of the StreamDeck pages that is related to Control Room.

I have pre-existing midi controller functions that are working, but I cannot find in Cubase where I made these assignments.

Some of the StreamDeck pages are visible in MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, however the page I have dedicated to Control Room features is not visible there, but all the functions are working.

Where else is it possible to make external midi assignments that would affect Control Room, I made these assignments some time ago (in Cubase 12) and cannot remember where I created them.

They are not Key Commands, they are definitely Midi messages, thanks in advance

Ah, it was a Generic Remote I setup, found the problem… :roll_eyes:

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