Streamdeck Plus with Dorico

Has anybody tried the new Streamdeck Plus with Dorico and, if so, how useful do you find it? If you have also used Streamdeck XL, which version do you prefer for use with Dorico?

I have the Streamdeck XL, it’s very nice. It’s a little expensive ($400 for the hardware) and I highly recommend that you buy the customized user interface thing that Philip Rothman made, makes it so much nicer.


I think I understood (from the last scoring notes podcast) that David McDonald (who made the new Notation Express version using the API from Dorico) has that new tool (Christmas present?). I am curious to see how it can be useful in Dorico — I perfectly see how I could use it in a Photo app…


Hi Mike

Do you have any experience with Streamdeck Plus and Dorico?

Is there a such a profile for the Streamdeck Plus? I have both the 15-key model and the Plus model, but only have a profile for the 15-key device; it’s very useful. With the Plus model I’ve programmed a few buttons with transport controls.

Not sure how useful a profile would be for the Plus model owing to the small number of buttons. It’s great for Cubase and DaVinci Resolve where twiddly knobs are very helpful for such things as altering the Lift/Gamma/Gain in Resolve or altering parameters in VSTs in Cubase.

But - if a profile for the Plus model exists for Dorico I’d be interested in more info.


Or would be Loupedeck CT a good solution for Dorico? (I would like to controll the faders and the transport cursor with the big control wheel or the 6 analog dials)

Any experiences?

for Loupedeck CT there is a profile for Cubase available, but not for Dorico (yet…?)

No, but I remain interested in the possibilities with the Streamdeck Plus or the Loupedeck Live/CT, especially if the knobs could control variables such as mixer fader levels and automation curves. However, I do not have the patience or knowledge to attempt setting up a Dorico profile myself.

I recently updated my iPad with the Stream Deck Mobile 2 app and the 32-key profile from Notation Central and find the extra buttons very useful. Check out this recent Scoring Notes article if you are interested:

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That’s great Mike, thanks. As luck would have it, I have an old iPad Air 2 knocking around so this will be a good use for it.