Streamdeck working well with Nuendo?

Hello everyone,

we are using several 3rd party USB key devices that are working ok with Nuendo to some extent. :neutral_face: It seems Nuendo is struggeling with accepting key commands from external USB devices, sometimes not getting all characters esp. in key combinations. :unamused: The ONLY device we found with good key function so far is the contour shuttle pro, but it suffers from a bad jog wheel reception in Nuendo.

Anyhow, we are looking into getting a few elgato streamdecks and I was wondering if some are you using it already? What are your thoughts about it?
Or do you prefer any other solutions? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Yes Stream Deck is getting along very well with Nuendo.

Using 3 stream decks with Nuendo. Works wonders.
I though now run them through SoundFlow as I’m able to create much more advance macros, have a better overview of commands and get a much smoother workflow.

About the wheel thing: I also run some USB wheels (original volume controls) through SoundFlow to control all sorts of things, as I like the idea of using wheels to control specific (repetitive) things. Here is a demo video, should be public to watch: **This is a controller concept I've worked on for a while.** - It's inspired a bit by those color correction controllers. - It'll make a lot of things... | By Jesper | Facebook

Thanks for your Input - I gave it a shot and the streamdeck is performing just great.

The best thing is you can easily add, move, copy and edit keys for a momentary workflow - better and faster than in any other solution I‘ve tested so far. Using the unflexible EuControl key software for example. My New best friend :wink: