streaming audio in cubase 7

I’m using a focusrite MK2 & scarlett 18i20 to mic my drums, create channels in cubase 7.
Using the control room adding plug in’s and effects to the drum channels and monitoring
the drums through the control panel.

Question: How do I steam or get my media player, you tube, Itune…etc… into cubase, so
I can play my processed drums along with streaming audio off of my computer.
I was using e-mu interface with my old computer, I did this with no problems.

I contacted Focusrite, they suggested using audio jack, I foud out it does not suppor 64 bit.
They also suggested taking a physical out of the DAW and inputting back into the interface. I’m not sure how to do this…
Any help would be appriceated…Thanks

I’m using windows 8.1 buy the way.

You can use use one of the gazillions applications (many free, many online apps that don’t even need to be installed on your drive) that convert youtube videos to audio formats and then import the audio into Cubase.

Something like this:

Or this:

Or if you want to install a Windows application, it’ll probably be a tad faster. Not to mention it will also work offline. The first one I found on google:

Of course there are also applications that convert to .wav, but usually they cost money, and since youtube videos are encoded with mp3-like compression, it would be a waste of time and resources.

Thanks for replying papi61 but I think you misunderstood me.

It a bussing or routing problem, I don’t want to convert anything, I
just want to hear what is playing on my computer through Cubase.
When I was using Cubase studio 4 and E-MU 1820, I could listen in Cubase by making a
VST connection. I could even record what I was hearing.
It even worked when I had the crappy creative audagy board. The setting was “what you hear”

I can’t believe after spending $2000.00 worth of new software and hardware I can’t perform this simple task.

Any help would be apprieciated…

Question, OP: Do you need to be able to RECORD the streaming audio or just HEAR it? If you simply want to hear your Cubase audio and streamed content at the same time, you can do that by opening the Windows Sound control panel and making your interface’s main outs the default Playback device. This will send audio from all apps that don’t have their own interface selection (like browsers) to your main outs.

If you need to be able to RECORD the streamed sound, that probably does require some additional software, however a workaround is to run audio out from your PC’s sound card to some available inputs on your interface. (Sound card analog out to interface analog in.)

Thanks UltimateOutsider.
As I did before, I would like to set a channel.
so I could record , if I like or usa as a monitor channel like
any other channel in the control room, so I could add EQ or plug in’s.

I have the audio coming out of my main outs on my focusrite 18i20.
I can hear the audio but when I play drums through the control room
everything craps out, like there is a driver conflict.

If anyone is familiar with the 18i20, let know how to route the computer audio to some
output channels of the 18i20.
I also have the MK2, so I have plenty of inputs to route the audio into.

what you are looking for are return channels from your external equipment that can be used as an input in the DAW. WIndows audio is seperate from asio so the first place you can “catch” your windows audio to reroute it to the DAW is via the external card. You can activate the return channels with the “connections tab” on devices (inputs). Then you can select on empty audio tracks the input of the return channles en activate the monitoring for those tracks. (yellow speaker button on track) The windows audio can thus be rerouted trough your external audio card to the inputs of the DAW.

In some cases i have seen people doing the same thing by using multiple soundcards in a system and then you switch the windows audio to card 1, route the audio with a cable to the line input of card 2, that handels the ASIO output.
It is the same principle of redirecting windows audio to the ASIO inputs with the result that asio-sound and windows audio are combined in a single soundcard.

The availability of return channels is dependend on the type of gear you use. I don’t know if the focusrite has return channels but i would be supprised if this type of gear that is advanced shouldn’t have any return channels.
I use MOTU and they do have the reurn channels for clean and effect (to send audio back to the DAW)

hope this helps,
kind regards,

was looking for the routing capablities of the focurite. Routing and monitoring a signal trough the DAW is possible. It has in fact quite a lot of routing capablities.