streaming cubase output to another computer via network ?

is it possible to stream at hi quality audio the stereo output of cubase to another computer via LAN network ?
(win7 with cubase9.5 to be streamed to win10 machine with RME-raydat)

Vienna Ensemble PRO

ok didnt know its used for this too.
i didnt mention,i need a free or low cost solution,need it just to hear the sound for final mix check and adjustment on better speaker system located in other room without audio cables.

Take a look at Dante Via. Not free but maybe as close as you’ll get.

looks cool ! so it’s basically makes a virtual Dante network,has far as i understand, so i can take it further more and use cubase on the win7 machine and nuendo at the other win10 machine and sync them and stream audio where ever i want ?

Maybe this…

Not free, but VST Connnect Pro can connect locally on a LAN. You could play around with the free VST Connect SE and VST Connect Performer if you both have MySteinberg accounts, and enough internet bandwidth.

When I want to do this I just export the Project as an audio file. Then play the wave file from the other computer. If it’s not a keeper, delete. Quick & simple - no need to get complicated. :wink:

Well thats what im doing right now and try to avoid it :slight_smile:
maybe at first its complicated to choose a system and set up,but then its should be much easier faster and efficient to do it real time and not export and correct guessing every time… simple :wink:

What you’re asking for is called ‘Microsoft Windows Networking’.

This allows you to share disks and printers between Windows PCs on your Local Area Network.

It’s a free feature of Pro versions of Windows.

You’ll just browse your network in Explorer and you’ll be able to see other PCs shares (you need to have enabled a share folder on your main PC first).

You can also make the connection persistent by mapping a drive letter on the other PC, or you can create a shortcut to the share.

Double click on the remote file and it’ll play on the device you’re accessing it from - it really is that simple.

If you’re listening to uncompressed .WAVs then best use wired Ethernet rather than (occasionally flaky) wireless connection.

You can even share files between MAC users and Windows this way.

… but the OP asked “is it possible to stream at hi quality audio the stereo output of cubase to another computer via LAN network?”, whereas network file shares just facilitate file copying.

While looking for something completely unrelated I ran across the app below and recalled this thread.