Stretch guitar track to make it darker

(Cubase 9.5)
I’m tasked with making doom style music for a pretty big 4-week game production, trying to figure out how to take my guitar audio and stretch it to half tempo so that it becomes darker and slower (I intend to play at double speed initially).
I used the third option of the cursor “sizing applies time stretch”, and it slowed the track, however the pitch remains the same. How can I achieve the effect that is becomes slowed AND darker?
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried setting the algorithm (in the info bar on the right) to “Elastique Pro → Tape”. That should do the trick.

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With time stretching that extreme, you might also want to EQ the time-stretched guitar part a bit to make it sound the way you want. That’ll allow you to dial in just the right amount of “darkness” that you’re looking for.

Thank you, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll lyk if I got it working when I get to try it.

Very true. What specific frequencies do you have in mind in a hypothetical example? Maybe remove some of the darkest tones, and most of the mid - high end?

It worked. However, it sounded like some of the lower end notes were slightly off key. Now I know I exactly doubled the length, and most of the notes sound exactly one octave lower.
It’s probably worth noting I’m using an 8-string which is slightly tuned down, so I’m already dealing with pretty dark notes. It seems there might be too much noise on the low end for the signal to come through clean perhaps, so maybe it would work better if I stretched it before applying a guitar AMP.

Also, I tried to render the lowered one, de-stretching it, and then rendering it again, making it into essentially the same as before, and it make the sound a little bit more crisp, so that could probably be a cool trick. Tho I might be able to achieve similar results by just EQing away some lower end on the original track.

You have a tuned down 8 string that you then effectively pitch down an octave??? To quote Chubby Checker: “how low can you go?” :laughing:

I mean they ordered “doom like metal” so if u wanna go mick gordon style you gotta go the extra mile. :wink:

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I would attribute that to the guitar being slightly out of tune or the intonation is off (maybe because it was “slightly tuned down”?).


PS Gotta love some Mick Gordon Doom metal! Perhaps my most favorite game soundtrack of all time. :metal:

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Why don’t you just play it like you want it to sound? I’m confused.

Because I physically can’t, it’s too dark.
I want to experiement with making more interesting sounds to see if that enhances my music.

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