stretching drum midi to tempo

I’m trying to figure out how to use Cubase and I’m at a loss with this one.

I have some guitar and bass DI tracks and then a drum midi track and the drum midi doesnt align to the tempo of the guitar tracks and I don’t know the tempo.

I’m trying to use the tempo detection and that’s a learning curb in itself, but aside from that, let’s say I get the tempo figured out which I do actually have a ballpark idea of, how do I stretch the midi drums to that tempo to align with the other instruments?


What you’ll have after you sort the Tempo out is all your recorded audio will (should?) match the grid. E.g. the one beat in your music will be on the grid bar lines. You should be able to hear that the metronome clicks match the audio. That tells you the audio and grid are aligned. That’s the hard part.

But once that gets sorted you’ll probably have a MIDI Part that doesn’t match the grid. This is easy to fix. Click and hold the Select (arrow) Tool on the Toolbar and a drop-down will appear. Select the option “Sizing Applies Time Stretch.” Make sure Snap is on, move the Part so it snaps to the bar line. Then grab the lower right corner of the Part and drag it until it snaps to the appropriate bar line. Don’t forget to set Select back to normal when done.

People typically don’t play at a constant tempo unless it is to a click (or similar). So don’t expect that simply setting the Project to a specific Tempo will be what you need. You will almost certainly need to use a Tempo Track to get the grid & audio to match. Greg has a good video on how to do tempo matching, check the Cubase YouTube channel.

you should set the tempo first to match the audio(guitars).there are several methods.
anyway. you can stretch midi event with the stretch can press number 1 on the keyboard several time till you see the mouse cursor with the watch symbol, and stretch the midi event like audio event.