Stretching without slowing down

I’ve seen on tutorial videos many times that people are able to stretch the midi sequence by using stretch tool in same tempo, on the other hand when I do it it just slows down. What’s the way of stretching without changing tempo?

Hi @johanso,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis comes with time-stretch support for audio and MIDI events, which is available via tapping the “STRETCH” button in the tools menu.

These are the steps to use the tool for MIDI:

  • Select a MIDI event
  • Tap the " STRETCH" button in the sub menu
  • Tap and hold the left or right arrow in the MIDI event, and move it to the desired direction to shorten or lengthen the sequence

Our good friend Doug from “The Sound Test Room” explains and demonstrates the feature in one of his tutorials.

Does this help to answer your question?


Yes, I do that, but then my midi gets elongate instead of same signature repeats.

I think and have a feeling that what is being asked for here is to ‘loop the midi-region’ when it’s being made longer so that the ‘loop’(repeated midi-event) would span over the new range.

The current work-around is to copy & paste the midi-region so it covers the desired range.