Strg+u not available in the moment

did anybody ever experience a freeze in score editor with error strg+u not available in the moment? the system is running into a loop; nuendo using more than 20% of cpu power

Hi! Is the “On-Screen Keyboard” window open? If yes, close it, then STRG+U (CTRL+U) will work again.

It is the command which I obviously touched by accident: that is NOT the problem. The whole system crashed! menas, I had to do a hard reset of the complette system!

Oh, sorry. Now I understand what you mean. Do you by any chance use MIDI Remote or Generic Remote?

not specifically; only garage keyboard

What do you mean by “garage keyboard”?

Garagekey Mini - Miditech
I think, the crashes I had durimg the last sessions can be caused by the setup with dimension strings from VI and strings secction of iconica opus. stuttering of the playback mihjt lead to an asio problem also.

It’s a pain to have to deal with the possibility of Nuendo crashing on you… My advice for anyone starting out is to learn Halion (or Kontakt). These two give the user the possibility of creating user patches. This way you can have loaded only what you absolutely need (and you’ll know exactly how the patches work).
I hope you’ll figure it out…

good idea: I used halion sonic for the setup and the key switches do not work. However also the keyswitches for VI are not without problems. It is not the first time taht, after using a setup for already several days, suddenly the keyswitsches of some instruments do not work anymore: the values changed for an octave: formerly c4 for double bass e.g. has to be changed to c5 to work again. will build my setup tomorrow morning using halion. thanks and best, udo

Thanks, but I was referring to Halion the sampler, not the player (not Halion Sonic)…

In the world of MIDI things can be done in multiple ways, which is why the first steps are always a little bit tricky. You’ll figure it out eventually…

Yes, youÄre completely roght. Problem: starting at five in the morning, building a setup with a new library: iconica opus, I used halion player as advised in the manual, building the expression maps etc.
You can imagine, I did things as usually, things I didn’t think about since years, and than bang…
Do you have experience with expression maps in Iconia? I disabled them all and now it works lala
When I find time to get into the depth, will rry some other things. In the moment I’ve a lack of time due to several concert, recording and composition projects. But many thanks again for the advice using Halion !!!

I guess you just have to accept the fact that some people are luckier than others… :innocent:

Unfortunately, no. I’m working on simpler projects now. I’m planning though to improve the workflow I used when I was a student. At a glance, the main focus of that workflow (or “setup”, as you call it) is to allow the composer to write/record the notes of 1st and 2nd instrument (flute, oboe, etc) on the same staff (and same MIDI track) while the patches used (for these two instruments) are different. This would allow different playing techniques and more realistic unisons (where one instrument could be slightly flat). A secondary purpose is to overcome the limitations of the Score Editor by using script automation (AppleScript, JavaScript, Batch, etc).

You’re welcome! I use Kontakt, not Halion, but Halion is better.
Good luck!