"Strike Down"

Here’s an original song I wrote with a buddy of mine while we bowl on Monday nights. It’s an instrumental rock song with a slight bowling theme which will be evident from the begining.
I’ve used Cubase from SL2.0 for years and recently upgraded to C6 and Wavelab 7. I gotta admit I LOVE the improvements making the leap from 2.0 to 6. Stunning is all I can say.

Part of the reason is that I wanted to bring my ancient DAW up to date as well as upgrade to Waves V8 Plugins. Drums are also Steinberg’s Groove Agent 3. I simply don’t have space for real drums nor do I play them. All guitars are me; a one man band…

Enjoy; comments welcome.

Good stuff. Nice playing and production :sunglasses:

That strikes me as probably the greatest bowling song I ever heard. The production left nothing to spare. Just curious, did you record using lanes? Good job! Will be pinned in my memory for a while.

lol, right on :sunglasses: