String playback issues using Halion


I am having issues with playback - there seems to be an unwanted low F sharp that plays along with any string set ups. I’ve changed the sounds in Halion to various strings and it still happens. I’ve just reset the playback overrides which has reset the volumes back to ‘0’. I can’t work out what it is!

I did notice that if I export as midi and open in logic, each string instrument (and piano I think) had this low note exported and so I have to open score roll and delete it and then it’s okay… But there is no such note in the original!

Has anyone got any wisdom?

You are using an Expression Map that thinks your low note is a key switch to control something in sound library you are using, but the sound library doesn’t match the expression map.

The easy way to sort it out in Dorico is go to Play / Playback template, choose the template you want, and let Dorico assign sounds to all the instruments in the score.

If you don’t want to do that because you have been choosing your own sounds, click the cog wheel next to the VST instrument in the right hand panel and the select the correct expression maps. The most basic choices that will get rid of the low notes are “default” or “cc11 dynamics” depending on how your sound library responds to MIDI dynamics. (If you don’t know which it uses, just try both and go with whichever one works best).

Thank you, Rob.

Very helpful!