String triple-stops with different noteheads

Are there any recommended techniques for creating triple- and quadruple-stops for bowed string instruments, where the lowest note or notes (typically) has/have a shorter duration notehead? (i.e., a half-note triple stop with the lowest note filled-in to become a quarter-note.) There does not seem to be a notehead choice for a filled-in half-note, and creating two voices whose stems go the same direction causes one voice to be slightly horizontally offset, as would be expected for visual clarity. (This would have been the correct notation for this scenario in the 17th and 18th centuries, but not necessarily in the 19th-20th - some examples of this shorthand: the last chord in the Dance Rustique movement of the Ysaye 5th solo violin sonata, and the very last bar of the Ravel string quartet, in all parts.)

I am guessing this is a another feature which is still farther down on the to-do list, but can anyone out there suggest a workaround for the time being? I did not have any success when I tried to give either of the voices an X-offset, in order to line up the noteheads thereby superimposing the stems.

In Engrave mode, use the “Voice column index” property. All the notes in each voice column line up vertically.

Excellent!!! Thanks! Voice column index of 0 did the trick!

Thanks for that info. I have spent quite a while trying to accomplish the same thing.