String tunings in Dorico Elements

Hi, I would like to see alternate string tunings for tablature included in Dorico Elements. Expecting to pay for the Pro version for simple tablature editing is not realistic nor competitive.


You can edit the number of strings and the tunings of those strings in Dorico Elements. In Setup mode, expand the player card for the player holding the fretted instrument so you can see the instrument label. Click the at the right-hand side of the instrument label to show the context menu for the instrument, then choose Edit Strings and Tuning.

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Thank you. I had looked for that but I had read that it wasn’t possible in Elements, which is wrong.

Where did you read that information, out of interest?

I had a look but couldn’t find it, but I also noticed that some tracks in Dorico won’t allow access to the ‘fretted instruments’ page in setup, if not already a fretted instrument. So that was half the issue there.

Yes, those sorts of options are only available for the instruments Dorico understands to be that category of instrument. Similarly, you can’t access the Edit Percussion Kit dialog for pitched instruments.

For files that originated as MusicXML or MIDI imports, it can be a good idea to go through and change instruments to make sure they’re correctly identified within Dorico, as this can also correct issues with transpositions etc.

Yes, my case was from importing midi tracks.