Strip EQ automation resolution really low?

I’m automating a low pass frequency sweep on the strip eq but no matter how many automation points I write the frequency just jumps a few times and skips the majority of the automation. Is this a known limitation of the strip eq or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Using an insert instead works as expected, but if I could get the same functionality from the strip eq it’d be a huge timesaver in the long run.

I’m on
Looks like you are right. I checked with a MCU unit and a midicontroller that uses NRPN, (BCR2000) basicly the same resolution.
The MU control works fine, I can change the frequency value to great detail, like 120,1 to 120,2 Hz and so on.
And record/playback the exact same values in the automation track of the selected channel.

When using the midicontroller however the frequency control jumps, for example from 120 to 124.8 Hz
I am pretty shure this was not the case in previous versions of cubase!
I will have to install one of the older versions to check if I’m correct.