Strip Silence? Wavelab Elements

I use a Zoom H6 for long hi-res sessions. The recorder breaks audio files into 2Gig segments. I’ve been trying WLE to assemble the recorded segments into a long single track without success.

After dropping eg 6 wav file segments into Wavelab montage mode, each segment is separated by a 2 second gap. I want to close those gaps quickly but the only way I can find is doing it manually. Very time consuming.

Does anyone know of a quick way to close the gaps in Wavelab Elements? Thanks.


Check if Elements have " Align Clips" dialog
should be in Clips menu tab
check in pdf or online manual

regards S-EH

Did you try this?

Why is it time consuming? All you have to do is move the files together in the montage in WL. If I am reading what you are trying to accomplish it should take less than a minute… Not sure about the total file length. Isn’t there a total 2 gig limit? FWIW