Strip Silence

Hello - what is your preferred method to quickly analyse an audio file with lots of ‘silent’ areas that can then easily be removed from the file whilst leaving the ‘good’ parts as one shorter file length.

I’m thinking of something similar to the process in Audition CS6 that allows this.


Check the function Tools, “Auto-Split”, Split at silences
audio is analyzed, split or just marked your choice

regards S-EH

Hi - yes, good call. I had noticed this but it only adds in markers (I don’t want it to split the file into multiple shorter files). After having added the markers, what’s the best method to remove those ‘silent’ areas whilst keeping the remainder as one file?

Audition CS6 has a simple two click option. Hoping to find something similar.

S-EH is right, this is possible with the Auto-Split tool, if you tweak parameters.
Also, since WaveLab 8, it is also possible to use the Auto Split tool on a montage clip.